Young Poznan residents have advice for everything – not only waste

20 December 2013

The ecological debate will take place on Monday in Primary School No. 9 located in the Poznan district of Lazarz. It aims at developing solutions improving the environment, promoting cleanliness, and increasing the amount of greenery in the said district.  

– “We wanted to create a project that would engage all pupils and that is why our idea covers so many activities. We also emphasized the educational factor. We would like children to inspire their parents to act in pro-ecological ways” – said Małgorzata Berlik, the vice-principal of Primary School No. 9 in Poznan when introducing the project “Advice for Waste”.

The event should make people reflect on what can be done by the residents of Poznan in order to protect the environment and improve the visual appearance of their neighbourhood. Participating in the debate will be pupils from six Lazarz district primary schools as well as the representatives of the Environmental Protection Department and Education Department of the City of Poznan, councillors of Poznan, councillors of Lazarz district, and representatives of parents’ councils.

The debate will be divided into two parts. During the first one pupils will work in groups and develop proposals concerning activities aimed at the improvement of their immediate environments.  During the second part young residents of Poznan will present their conclusions, proposals for actions, and petitions. Later their suggestions will be presented to Mirosław Kruszynski, the Deputy Mayor of the City of Poznan and Chairman of the Commune Association Council „Poznan Agglomeration Waste Management”. 
Honorary patronage of the debate was taken by Przemysław Gonera of the Commune Association „Poznan Agglomeration Waste Management”.

„Advice for Waste” is one of four projects awarded in the 2nd edition of the “Blue Grants of Volkswagen Poznan” competition.

– “We are happy to support initiatives that have a positive impact on the sustainable development of the city and its region” – says Monika Hajbowicz, the Head of the Communications Department of Volkswagen Poznan, who rewards ecological projects of the residents of Wielkopolska every year. – “This year’s winners received grants with a total value of 24,000 PLN, which will be spent on implementation of short-term projects as well as activities aimed at improvement of the immediate environment for a longer period of time” – she adds.

The "Blue Grants" programme, aimed at increasing environmental awareness of the residents of Wielkopolska, was initiated by Volkswagen Poznan in cooperation with Our Earth Foundation in 2012. It is addressed to non-governmental organizations, preschools, schools and employees of Volkswagen Poznan. More information at