We play together with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP)

15 January 2017

Traditionally, as every year, Volkswagen Poznań gave a number of interesting objects for auctions in the scope of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Auctions of the objects given by VWP will take place in the centers of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Poznań, Swarzędz and Września, that is in every place of location of production plants of the Company.

  • Individual visiting of the Production Plant Volkswagen Poznań in Antoninek (personal auction in Poznań). A real treat for fans of automotive industry and modern technologies. Winner of this auction will have a chance to see, with his/her own eyes, how the commercial vehicles of  Volkswagen are produced – Caddy, Caddy Maxi and different versions of T model. Every day, workers of the production plant in Poznań produce 720 vehicles, which means that a ready car leaves the production line every 2 minutes. This is something you need to see for yourself! Volkswagen Poznań is a modern production plant of motor-cars and  components. The plant in Poznań is the only factory in the world, that produces  the models VW Caddy and VW Caddy Maxi. Last year, the Company workers produced almost 185 000 cars.
  • Vising of the Founders’ School and the Volkswagen Poznań Foundry (personal auction in Poznań). The  Volkswagen Poznań Foundryin the district of Wilga in Poznań is the second largest foundry in the entire concern Volkswagen AG, and at the same time, it is one of the largest foundries in Europe. Aluminum components produced there in gravitational and pressure technology are transported to concern plants all over the world. Last year, the workers of the Foundry produced more than 4,7 million components. It is estimated that every third car produced by the Concern VW AG has an element produced in the Poznań Foundry. The winner of this auction will have an opportunity to visit the production shop of the foundry and to see how top-quality components are produced from molten aluminum. Moreover, the program includes visiting of the founders’ school where students obtain specialist knowledge in foundry engineering.
  • A car for tourists, Volkswagen Caddy Beach, with full tank, for a selected weekend in  2017: (personal auction in Swarzędz and on Allegro website). Caddy Beach, invented and produced in the Volkswagen Poznań plant is a perfect offer for fans of outdoor trips and spending time in active way. Tourist vehicle body, including a double bed, which allows for comfortable sleep of two persons after folding the back seats. The car is also equipped with a table, chairs and a comfortable tent, to protect you from the sun and the wind. The prize in this auction is rental of a fully tanked car, with full equipment and insurance coverage for the selected weekend (including the long weekend) in 2017.
  • Invitation to presentation of a new racing car of the students of Poznań University of Technology and participation in Formula Student competition, along with the team (Allegro auction). The team PUT Motor Sport is a team of car racing enthusiasts from Poznań University of Technology. These are very skilled engineers of tomorrow, proudly supported by Volkswagen Poznań. Each year they build a racing car, used for competing in the cycle Formula Student, organized on the legendary racing track known to all Formula 1 fans.  The auction winner will have a chance to participate in launching of a new racing car of the students and go to Formula Student competition along with the team.
  • Invitation to individual visit in the VW plant in Września, where the new generation of Volkswagen Crafter model is produced. In the scope of this visit the auction winner will have a chance to see with his/her own eyes, how the process of construction of cars looks like and to get familiar with technological processes in the assembly and body shop  (personal auction in Września).
  • Driving a new Volkswagen Crafter on the testing track on the area of the new Volkswagen plant in Białężyce near Września. Sit behind the wheel of the Delivery Van of the Year 2017! The program also includes a visit in the production plant (personal auction in Września).

We invite you most cordially to take part in the auction.