We know the results of the competition for sculpture!

20 August 2016

We already know who the winner is of the competition for the outdoor sculpture that is supposed to be placed on the area of the constructed Volkswagen plant in Białężyce near Września. The winner is Patryk Gniedziejko from Białystok, MSc. Eng., landscaping architect, enthusiast of art and architecture. His idea  “Volk’ i Space” plans construction of an installation that will be at the same time a zone of relax for employees of the production plant. The shape and the form are supposed to refer to the shape of Volkswagen Crafter, whose serial production will be started this autumn. The sculpture will be made of concrete, wooden composite and  weathering steel. The designer has not forgotten about green areas – humming grass, decorative shrubs and flowers will make a real green enclave at the sculpture.

Project implementation is planned for September this year.

Twelve works took part in the competition, from which the jury composed of the representatives of the Company and the University of Art selected 3 projects. However, the last vote was cast by employees of Volkswagen Poznań. The project Volki Space won with overwhelming majority, with 152 votes, and the second place went to the work by Marek Biedka  Aerodynamic – 22 votes. The third place belonged to Magdalena Rębisz  for her sculpture presenting human beings. 12 employees voted for this project.

This competition had an open character. Anyone could participate, who at the same time declared the possibility to implement the project in case of winning. Time period for sending works for the competition was from 29 June until 28 July this year.

The winner of the competition is obliged to carry out the sculpture and to install it until 01.10.2016. Funds assigned for the sculpture along with the remuneration for the winning project amount to PLN 50 000 net.