We know the "Blue Grants" winners!

28 June 2012

We know the "Blue Grants " winners!

On Wednesday (20/06) at the company’s head office, Jury deliberations were held to determine the winners of the 1st Edition of the „Volkswagen Poznan Blue Grants” competition. We received from you nine application forms – for each of them we thank you kindly! We know how much effort and commitment you put into their reliable and professional preparation. Knowing this made it harder for us to select the three best projects, especially as they were all very interesting and content-wise well prepared. Unfortunately the competition rules are unrelenting. The Jury was composed of representatives from Volkswagen Poznan, Nasza Ziemia (Our Earth) Foundation, and the Town and Municipality Office in Swarzedz.

Each of the applications were thoroughly discussed and assessed in accordance with the criteria set out in the competition rules. Due to little interest in program participation from Volkswagen Poznan employees, the competition Jury decided to allocate a pool of 6000 PLN prepared for VWP employees active in non-governmental organizations (NGO) to the main competition prize pool. Thanks to this we were able to select: grant winners in the schools category, grant winners in the NGO category, and an additional grant for the best among those entered. With objectivity, transparency, and content substantive correctness of the voting in mind, we used project assessment cards during the Jury meeting. It contained the specified criteria that were listed in the competition rules. The card contained the following aspects: substantive correctness of the application, number of program beneficiaries, local community involvement, long-term actions and effects, project scale, planned action effects (ecological, tangible and media), general project attractiveness, number of partners involved in project realization, budget size and guarantee, taking into consideration educational principles for the proposed actions. Each of these aspects were assessed by us on a scale of 1 to 10, and the partial assessments obtained thanks to this after adding provided an overall project assessment. I would like to officially announce that the winners of the 1st Edition of the „Volkswagen Poznan Blue Grants” competition are the following projects:

1) „Bird Asylum in the Hustle and Bustle of the City” by Jan Brzechwa Primary School No. 4 in Swarzedz
2) „Eco School 85” by Knights of Malta Primary School No. 85 in Poznan
3) „Honey Pollen Plant Garden” by the Foundation for the Preservation of Rural and Agricultural Heritage

We congratulate the winners!
Thanks and congratulations are also due for all those who were not successful in the 1st Edition of our competition. All the projects entered were on a very high level and testify to a strong commitment and passion for ecology. Thank you for the effort and work put into the preparation of the proposals.