VWP Management Board at the City Council Session in Wrzesnia.

20 April 2014

From the moment the decision to locate the new Crafter plant in Wrzesnia, the Volkswagen Poznan Management Board began a series of meetings with local authorities of cities and districts. On 22 April Board representatives were invited to a City Council session in Wrzesnia, which Jens Ocksen presented the Nutzfahrzeuge brand and Volkswagen Poznan.

In addition to information about the production process volume and products that originate from VM Poznan, the Councillors were particularly interested in aspects of our organizational culture, such as our concern for employees, health policies, and rules for granting support. Dialogue for Volkswagen is extremely important. We are judged not only on our firm production indicators, but also based on how we our viewed by our employees and the people around us”, said Jens Ocksen during the City Council session.