Volkswagen Poznan with the Poznan University of Technology

12 April 2014

The program is another result of the productive cooperation between Volkswagen Poznan and Poznan University of Technology. The long-term partnership between the university and company enabled the development of a program, which was launched mid-March and will end in September 2014. Taking part at the inaugural program meeting will be Poznan University of Technology authorities, VWP Management and Executive Team, and of course programme participants.

We want future engineers to have not only theoretical but above all practical training for their professions. The Top Poznan University of Technology Student Development Programme conducted with cooperation from renowned company Volkswagen Poznan guarantees very good education and professional training for our students. The Poznan University of Technology’s comprehensive cooperation with leading companies in the region and country is our priority- said Prof. Jan Zurek, PhD, Eng., Vice-President of Industry Cooperation.

An intensive German language course, abundant programme of summer practical trainings, wide range of trainings, and above all presence among practitioners and the best specialists in their fields, these are the main benefits of the programme. The offer is targeted at students in selected faculties at the Poznan University of Technology, including Mechanical Engineering and Management and Work Machines and Transport.

The programme enables combining the theoretical knowledge acquired during studies with practical knowledge at a functioning company and specific departments of interest to students. Moreover, Volkswagen Poznan is aware that an investment in a generation beginning their professional career is crucial.

Over one-hundred fifth year Poznan University of Technology students have applied for the programme. We invited 60 students to take part in the recruitment process, of which we finally selected 31 people. I am confident that we selected the best candidates, who through participation in the programme have a chance to gain invaluable professional experience – said Jolanta Musielak, the VW Poznan Human Resources Board Member.


Agata Pawłowska from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management, one of the Programme participants, said: Participation in the programme enables me to develop the skills I have acquired during my studies at the Poznan University of Technology. In addition, I have to opportunity to gain professional experience at an international company. It is also a huge chance for me to get an interesting job.


During October last year VW signed a new cooperation agreement with the Poznan University of Technology. Thanks to that agreement students from the Poznan university have the opportunity to take part in internships and practical trainings not only in the Poznan plant, but also in Hanover, headquarters of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.


In recent days the German company announced that it will build a plant in Wrzesnia, at which a new generation of the VW Crafter will be produced. Construction works are planned to start during Autumn this year. The plant will employ approx. 2300 people. It is also an opportunity for the Poznan University of Technology’s top students. When planning such an important and large undertaking as construction of a new plant, we must also think about obtaining the best students, who in the future will have a chance to co-create the success of our company – said Jolanta Musielak. In addition to our regular recruitment processes related to current labour needs, we will soon begin a massive recruitment process associated with the construction of the plant in Wrzesnia. – she added at the end.


Volkswagen Poznan Sp. z o.o. (Limited)

Volkswagen Poznan located in Poznan, Wielkopolska Voivodeship. The plant was opened in 1993 as a Joint Venture between Volkswagen SA and the Poznan „Tarpan” plant. In 1996 Volkswagen Poznan was assumed 100% by Volkswagen SA, and a year later merged into the structure of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand. The total area of the plant, comprised of three areas, is 739 000m², of which 90% of the area is occupied by production halls and buildings. At the end of 2013, employment at VW Poznan amounted to 6500 people. Last year 170,900 light commercial vehicles were produced here.

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