Volkswagen Poznań with a new Occupational Pension Scheme

05 March 2019

  • The Management of Volkswagen Poznań and the representation of the employees have concluded a new agreement on Occupational Pension Scheme (PPE)
  • Volkswagen Poznań matches its existing employee pension scheme to the premium of 3.5 %. The contribution will be financed in full by the employer.
  • Consequently the working time flexibility at the plants has been extended.
  • The agreement has been concluded for a fixed period until

Volkswagen Poznań is one of the few companies in Poland with an employee pension scheme. The previous agreement of 2012 assumed monthly payments of PLN 100 for future pensions of Volkswagen Poznań workers. In the context of the entry into force of the Act on employee equity plans on 4 October 2018, the current program has been adapted to 3.5 %.

Jolanta Musielak, Member of the Management Board, HR and Organization “For these 7 years of the program we have built high awareness of the importance of additional savings on retirement. The evidence of that are both the high level of participation in the program and a high percentage of people who voluntarily pay the additional contribution (27% of all participants). The Act adopted in October 2018 assumes mandatory financial commitment by both the employer and the employee. In Volkswagen Poznań we have made a decision to completely finance the contributions by the employer to the existing and well-known occupational pension scheme”

Hans Joachim Godau, Member of the Management Board, Finances “Since the introduction of the employee pension scheme in 2012 our Company has already invested almost 50 million PLN in pension funds of its employees. Together with the current agreement and the adaptation of the contribution to the level of 3.5% of the monthly remuneration, this sum increases by another 60 million PLN. Thus Volkswagen Poznań increases significantly is contribution in long-term employee security by offering them another component of the salary. Also the employees contribute to the agreement, by increasing the flexibility of working time in the current year and the next. This will allow for the targeted control over the production in the plants as well as the alignment of fluctuations during the implementation of new products.” The condition for the implementation of the Agreement is to register the above changes in PPE by the Financial Supervision Commission. The proper application has already been submitted.