Volkswagen Poznań once again joins “Earth hour” action

30 April 2019

• On 30 March at 8.30 p.m. the lights in Volkswagen Poznań will be turned off
• Poznań connects with the international community for the protection of the environment
• Outside the symbolic dimension of the action, the company consistently pursues the “Go To Zero” policy. Its purpose is to minimize the impact of car and component production on the environment

On next Saturday 30 March at 8.30 the lights in 4 Volkswagen Poznań facilities will be turned off. Except for switching off the part of the facility infrastructure, the VW logo with a diameter of 13 meters, which is located on the chimney of the paint shop will also be disabled.

Jens Ocksen, President of the Board of Volkswagen Poznań “Although the action itself is only symbolic, it brings attention of millions of people around the world on important things: the protection of the environment and natural resources of our planet. These ideas are also a basis for our daily production of cars and components."

With the consistent implementation of the environmental policy, over the last 8 years the facilities of Volkswagen Poznań significantly decreased their impact on the environment. Through the investments in energy efficient machinery and equipment and process optimizations in this period we were able to reduce the electricity consumption by more than 30% . Similarly, the consumption of water at the Poznań facility in years 2010-2018 was decreased by more than 30%. Additionally, the decision to purchase electricity coming in 100% from renewable sources has allowed to reduce CO₂ emissions to 85%. Since 2018 the electrical energy required for the production of cars – and since 2019 also the components – is produced in hydroelectric and wind plants in the territory of Poland, which is confirmed by the certificates held and registered by the Energy Regulatory Office.

Volkswagen Poznań aims do reduce its impact on the environment through numerous innovations. An example of such a solution is the waste heat recovery from the compressors located in foundries of Volkswagen Poznań. Thanks to the partnership with Veolia, the heat generated in industrial processes goes through the heat distribution centre to the urban heating system and is used to warm up 30 homes and a hospital located in the vicinity of the plant.

Another action supporting not only the achievement of the environmental goals, but also important for the relations with neighbours was the action of planting 25.000 trees on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the company. The plantings took place in Spring last year near the facility in Pozna‎ń - Antoninek. The next action is also planned this year. Sine 15.04 to 17.04 the employees of Volkswagen Poznań will plant 26.000 trees in the vicinity of the facility in Września.