Volkswagen Poznań Makes a Difference in the Polish Industry

18 February 2017

Volkswagen Poznań has been given the prestigious prize titled “Ten, który zmienia polski przemysł” (The one who makes a difference in the Polish industry), awarded by the editorial team of Magazyn Gospodarczy Nowy Przemysł and the portal. The project is aimed to honour the companies, persons and institutions which have made a considerable impact on the changes in the Polish industry and economy.

The list of prize winners was announced at the gala concluding the 17th Forum titled “Zmieniamy Polski Przemysł” (We Change the Polish Industry), held in Warsaw. „The titles „Ten, który zmienia polski przemysł" are awards granted both to Polish companies and foreign investors active on our domestic market – says Wojciech Kuśpik, President of PTWP Group. „This year, some of the winners are entities whose activities are distinguished by innovation and entrepreneurship, which carry out projects necessary from the perspective of our country's interests and which are focused on expansion to foreign markets. We have appreciated diverse business strategies, courageous consolidations and acquisitions, cases of cooperation with the European leaders in new technologies, as well as daring extensions of the traditional product ranges” – he adds.

Volkswagen Poznań was awarded for their contribution to the development of the international position of Polish automotive industry and for the new project that enlarged their production portfolio in Poland. The prize was collected by the Caddy Plant Production Director and by Jarosław Kurosz, Transporter. „The history that our company has created in the Greater Poland region was started over 20 years ago. During that time, we have gone our way from a small assembly line to a daily production of 720 vehicles. Last year, we manufactured a record number of 185,000 vehicles. Our production plants are composed by people, which is our pride, and all we do is our passion. In total, our three plants create nearly 10,000 jobs. We are the largest employer in Greater Poland. This is something that makes us obliged but also proud” – said Jarosław Kurosz while receiving the prize.