Volkswagen Poznań is betting on professional development

28 May 2016

Starting from the new school year, 20 students will begin studying in a class profiled towards precision mechanics. This is the effect of a cooperation agreement on professional development signed by Volkswagen Poznań, the company Gestamp, and the Technical Schools Collective in Września. This marks a further professional class created under the patronage of Volkswagen Poznań. For almost eleven years the company has been training students in several trades. Upon completing their education, all graduates have a chance to work and grow within the company.

Last year, Volkswagen Poznań entered into talks aimed at expanding its activities related to professional development. Since the Technical Schools Collective in Września is located not far from the newly-built Volkswagen Crafter production plant, and the level of training in the school is at a very high level, talks were begun with the Września local government on the subject of cooperating with the school.

In addition to practical learning in their trade, our students also have an expanded programme of German language studies. By the time they finish, they have not only all the Polish exams applicable to science, but also the opportunity to obtain the German AHK certificate, which confirms their education and ability to work in many countries of the European Union,” emphasises Jolanta Musielak, Member of the Management Board for Personnel at Volkswagen Poznań.

Volkswagen Poznań has been involved in professional development since 2005. To date, this has been in cooperation with Schools Collective No. 1 in SwarzędzAt present, Volkswagen Poznań trains more than 200 students in four trades: mechatronic assembler, passenger car electromechanic, foundry machines and equipment operator, and industrial automation and precision equipment mechanic. Almost all graduates of the classes under Volkswagen’s patronage who meet the requirements previously set for them find work in the factory – the figure is an impressive 92 per cent of all graduates to date.

In the new class, there will be 20 students. Among these, 12 will become new young workers of Volkswagen Poznań, while the remaining 8 will go to Gestamp, a supplier of body parts for the Volkswagen factory in Antoninek which in the future will provide body parts to the new plant in Białężyce near Września. In addition to the class in precision mechanics, Volkswagen Poznań is already holding initial talks on creating more classes under its patronage in Września. These would be related to the automotive painting and bodywork trades. In order to study in the patron class, potential students must submit documents to the school in Września. The school then sends Volkswagen Poznań a list of all candidates, and the company conducts a recruitment process. Detailed information can be obtained from the school’s secretarial office, together with a leaflet containing all the recruitment deadlines.