Volkswagen Poznań develops vocational education

15 September 2016

66 students started education in the sponsored classes, led by Volkswagen Poznań in cooperation with the School Complex No. 1 in Swarzędz. At the same time, from the new school year 12 students from Września and its surroundings started education in the sponsored class led in cooperation with the Complex of Technical Schools in Września. Today, in the registered office of Volkswagen Poznań the headmasters of schools, the management, students and teachers met together for ceremonial inauguration of the new school year.

Since 2005 Volkswagen Poznań has cooperated with the School Complex No. 1 in Swarzędz and since 2016 – with the Complex of Technical Schools in Września. In  Swarzędz the company runs sponsored classes in the following professions: mechatronics fitter, electro-mechanic of cars,  operator of foundry machines and equipment and industrial automation and precision equipment mechanic. In Września a new class was created  to educate in the profession of precision mechanic.  This is the effect of presence of Volkswagen in Września, where the new plant was opened to produce  the model VW Crafter  and the effect of cooperation with the local government authorities and sub-suppliers.

We do not only train students, but we also pay them remuneration for their work in the scope of practical classes. Moreover, the students take part in various trainings organized by the concern. For example, they participate in the students’ exchange with Germany. The best students, as a reward, may win internships in the German plant. Thanks to this, we do not only focus on professional preparation of our students, but also on their inter-cultural development – emphasizes Jolanta Musielak, Human Resources and Organizational Affairs Board Member at Volkswagen Poznań.

The students of Volkswagen Poznań, apart from practical vocational training, also take advantage of the extended German language course. When graduating from their school, they have not only all the Polish exams passed as required by the Polish system of education, but also the possibility of receiving the German  AHK certificate,  which confirms education and allows for work in many European Union countries. All the graduates who met the admission criteria after completion of their education, were employed by Volkswagen Poznań. As of today, this is the impressing 86 percentage of the graduates.

At present, 20 students learn in the new class formed in Września. 12 of them became juvenile  employees of Volkswagen Poznań, and the other  8  - of the company Gestamp, who is the supplier of parts to car body to the Volkswagen plant in Antoninek and in Białężyce near Września.

Except for the class educating in the profession of precision mechanic, Volkswagen Poznań  already holds preliminary talks concerning creation of the next sponsored classes in  Września. These are supposed to be professions connected with car body painting and panel beating.