Volkswagen Poznań congratulates students of the PUT Motorsport. A successful debut on the Hockenheim track

20 August 2015

On Sunday, 2 August, the week-long Formula Student 2015 competition concluded on the famous Hockenheim Ring race track in Germany. The team from Poznań University of Technology finished in 24th place among more than 70 students teams from around the world.

Volkswagen Poznań supports the PUT Motorsport team from Poznań University of Technology. The group of 18 students designed and built a single-seat racing car for the international Formula Student 2015 competition which took place on the Hockenheim Ring motor racing circuit not for from Stuttgart in Germany This year, more than 70 teams took part in the event in the combustion engine category, and more than 40 in the electric engine category. In this most famous tournament, the Formula Student, more than 3,000 students of technical universities from 34 countries took part.

Lasting almost one week, the single-seat racing car competition consists of numerous tests of efficiency, and business presentations. To qualify for the tournament, students must go through a series of competitions, of which the most spectacular is the Endurance test, during which the car must cover a distance of 20 km in as short a time as possible. The other competitions include the Autocross, Acceleration test, and presentations of the costs involved in the undertaking and before a potential investor. The team that wins is the one that not only builds the fastest, toughest single-seat racing car, but also does the best job of presenting it.

The Formula Student project is an ideal marriage of passion for innovation with the science of project management. That’s why Volkswagen Poznań supports the PUT Motorsport team financially, as well as through technical and business advice,” says Monika Hajbowicz, Director of Communications at Volkswagen Poznań Sp. z o.o. “It’s the connection between engineering knowledge gained during studies and engagement and work in a team that determines the success of the car. This project shows how innovative young engineers can be,” she adds.

The results of the whole year of design work were very good. The Poznań University of Technology team can be proud of having made one of the best debuts in the history of the Formula Student competition. As Mikołaj Zygmański, the project leader, puts it: “We’re really happy about our result. Even just to get through all the competitions is no small achievement. We got very good scores, and this will motivate us to try harder next time.

There were 18 people on the team of young engineers from Poznań University of Technology, including 3 women. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next start in the competition on the race track in Gyoer, Hungary, beginning on 20 August.

The Formula Student competition is very popular in Germany, Great Britain and the United States, with technical universities and college eagerly taking part. Participation gives students a chance to test their skills in practice and at the same time exchange knowledge and experience with top professionals from the motor industry.