Volkswagen Poznań awarded as the first and the only one

05 December 2016

The new VW Plant in Września for Crafter production already today may be proud to have received the Golden Certificate of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).  The plant in Września as the only automotive production center in the world, and at the same time as the first and the only building in Poland, was awarded with this distinction.

Modern ecological solutions in our production plant have been applied already from the very beginning of the production process of vehicles – stresses Ralf Nitzschke, Director of the VW Crafter Plant in Września.  – However, in order to receive the certificate, we had to prove our worth also with other actions, not connected directly with manufacturing, as e.g. care for the dialogue with our neighbors or actual implementation of CSR strategy.

In direct production, in the process of building of car body the unique laser technologies are applied, that have never been used before for this class of vehicles.  Laser processes combine the roof with the remaining structure of the car, ensuring great precision of production and durability of connection. Application of the latest generation of robots has a positive impact on lower energy consumption, at the same time maintaining the highest quality standards.

On the stage of the Paint Shop a new painting process has been implemented, which does not require large quantities of water. This fact will contribute in a decisive way not only to lowered consumption of resources, but also to lowering of the quantity of waste generated by the plant. It is also the energy-saving process. In addition, forecast volatile organic compounds emissions will be 40% lower than admissible in Poland and the European Union, which is documented by measurements made and recorded in intervals of a few seconds on the chimney of the paint shop.

Water savings have also been applied on the area of assembly, where in the process in the spraying cabin, i.e. control of vehicle tightness, up to 75% less water is consumed, as compared to the traditional process.

However, the Auditors of the Council appreciated not only the production processes and plant buildings, but also our care for relations with interested parties and the fact that on the area of the  Crafter plant a sculpture will be located, selected in the competition, as well as green areas, resting place, spaces to park bicycles and biologically active areas, taking into account the local flora species.

The DGNB Certificate was established in 2008, as a result of consultation and compromises between architects, ecologist and representatives of real estate market and building industry. At present, more than 300 projects have been registered with DGNB, already more than 280 have been certified, and approximately 250 projects are still in pre-certification stage, which results in the total number of more than 850 projects. VW Crafter Plant in Września is the first and so far the only facility distinguished in Poland.