Volkswagen Poznan at the Cyberbot Robotics Festival

08 May 2014

On 17 May in the Lecture Centre at the Poznan University of Technology held will be the Cyberbot Robotics Festival. Students from the CybAir Research Club have prepared a one of a kind event along with numerous attractions for children. On this day we will have a chance to cheer on fighting robots, take a look at amazing constructions created by robotics enthusiasts, and learn about the latest technologies related to this topic.

Besides the main competitions, in which robots will compete, festival organizers invite all for other attractions, among others Lego Mindstorms robot construction workshops, programming of Arduino kits and chemistry and physics demonstrations. Awaiting children will also be a contest for the best robot costume. And that’s not all!

We also invite you to attractions organized by the Volkswagen Poznan automobile plant. You will learn, among other things, the secrets of automobile production, and above all you will find out „How is it possible that over 700 vehicles leave the factory each day?”


The strategic sponsor for this year’s festival is Volkswagen Poznan, which is engaged in activities to instil a passion for science and technology in young people.

Volkswagen Poznan’s activeness in this direction can also be seen through the creation of dedicated  Volkswagen Poznan classes at School Complex No. 1 in Swarzedz, or also in subsequent education stages – Poland’s first Dual Studies programme, conducted in partnership with the Poznan University of Technology.

This year 8 competitions have been prepared, in which robots will battle for the top spot on the podium:

• Sumo – competition that combines robotics with Japanese wrestling tradition that dates back to the 8th century.
• Minisumo – miniaturization of the sumo category, that is even smaller robots and smaller ring!
• Nanosumo – the limits of miniaturization are stretched in this competition. The rules are the same as for minisumo and sumo, but the robot must fit within a 5 Zloty coin.
• Linefollower – a competition often called the Formula 1 of robotics. A robot on its own must follow a designated route. The robot that travels the route fastest wins.
• Micromouse – the robot’s task in this competition is to find the exit in a huge and complex maze.
• Freestyle – the only competition that has only one rule. A robot must impress the audience and jury. Whether it pours a cup of coffee or solves a Rubik’s Cube, ingenuity and execution are what counts.