Volkswagen Grand California in serial production

20 May 2019

  • The Volkswagen Poznań factory in Września began the serial production of Volkswagen Grand California model
  • For the needs of the production a dedicated assembly line was started and 160 people were employed
  • Grand California Model is produced exclusively in Poland.

22.05.2019 Września: After its world premiere at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon fair and the vehicle presentation during the Motor Show in Poznań, Volkswagen Poznań in Września began the serial production of the vehicle with VW Grand California tourist conversion based on the VW Crafter model.

Grand California model is a full size camper with multifunctional interior, available for customers in two variants: Grand California 600 with super-high panoramic roof and an extra baby bed and Grand California 680 with the high roof.

For the needs of the production of this model the special Customized Solution conversion assembly line was open and 160 employees were recruited. The production line includes the installation of the roof, modifications to the bodywork and final assembly of the equipment. The car is also tested for the cab sealing in a spraying chamber and undergoes full qualitative checks after the production.

Jens Ocksen, President of the Management Board at Volkswagen Poznań: “The plant in Września is one of the most advanced car factories in the world. It is impressive not only with its size but also with functionality and the production technology. Nearly 70% of production are cars with special conversions, tailored to the individual needs of the customer. We are proud that our factory is the only place in the world where VW Grand California is manufactured.”

The assembly time of the special conversion with equipment is approximately 60 hours and every vehicle consists of nearly 1000 special parts. The car has among others a kitchen with a cooker, a sink and a fridge, interior heating and water heating, bathroom with a shower and a toilet as well as a tank for clean and dirty water.

The planned annual production volume of this model is nearly 3500 vehicles and the main export markets will be: Germany, Switzerland and France, but also Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal and Sweden.

The new Grand California model has been recognized by readers of Auto Bild and Computer Bild magazines during the Connected Car Award 2018 poll. The award is granted to the smartest vehicles. The readers liked Grand California for the possibility of controlling major functions from the separate central display that provides i.a. information on the level of pure water and sewage. The central display also controls heating, interior lighting, power and the fridge. Volkswagen Crafter Californa is based on Crafter model which has already gained recognition of customers all over the world, receiving the “International Van of the Year 2017” and “Green Van of the Year 2018” awards for most ecological cars in their class.