Volkswagen creates jobs and ensures quality of the Polish automotive industry

30 September 2014

Raising quality awareness among the companies constituting the supply chain in the Polish automotive industry is the main goal of the 3rd National Quality Conference of Automotive Sector Suppliers. The main organiser of the event is Volkswagen Poznan supported by other companies of  Volkswagen AG in Poland - Volkswagen Group Poland, Volkswagen Motor Poland, MAN Truck & Bus and Sitech company.

180 Polish companies were invited to  participate in the conference. These companies include those already cooperating with the German group and those that will be given a chance to supply parts for new projects.

The conference organised on the MTP grounds is a regular event in our calendar of quality initiatives. This event constitutes a great platform for communication and cooperation between Polish parts suppliers and Volkswagen group companies- says Jens Ocksen, the President of Volkswagen Poznan. Awareness of quality throughout the supply chain is a very important element of our philosophy. Our actions result in the fact that more and more companies from Poland comply with VW quality requirements, receive orders and thus, create new jobs – he adds.

Chance for Polish suppliers

In order to confirm these words, the representatives of the company provide some factsCurrently, approx. 40% of parts used directly in production (those placed in a ready vehicle) and delivered to the Volkswagen Poznan plant come from Polish suppliers.
 The percentage of parts used indirectly in production and delivered from Polish enterprises is even higher and totals 80%. At present, Volkswagen Poznan  cooperates with 72 Polish suppliers of parts used directly in production” 
– says Marta Miśkiewicz, the Head of Local Content and Process Centre.

Acquiring local suppliers is mutually beneficial.

We would like to cooperate with as many domestic suppliers as possible. It reduces the company’s logistics and transport costs.   However, notwithstanding the fact if this will be a supplier from Poland, Germany or any other country in the world, it must comply with quality requirements. That is why we support Polish suppliers in the constant improvement of quality. It increases their competitiveness, number of orders and in consequence results in creation of new jobs.

Crafter from Poland

The Conference will be also participated by representatives of PAIZ and Walbrzych Special Economic Zone. They will encourage part manufacturers to locate their plants within Walbrzych Special Economic Zone where, from 2016, the group will manufacture a new generation of Volkswagen Crafter. The Plant area will total 220 ha out of 330 ha intended for economic activation.

The investment location decision, called the most significant project of modern day Volkswagen, proves the amount of confidence the group has in Poland and its residents. This confidence was earned for example through the Poznan plant that currently manufactures Caddy and Transporter T5 for the needs of automotive markets throughout the world. The high quality of vehicles manufactured in this plant constituted one of the arguments for locating the new plant in Poland. It requires us to maintain the highest quality of our products. Whether it is Caddy at present or Crafter in the future, vehicles from our plants must meet the quality requirements of our customers. I am sure that the Conference will contribute to implementation of our goals – summarized the President Jens Ocksen.