Volkswagen can start construction works for a new plant

24 October 2014

Construction of a new Volkswagen plant in Wrzesnia has become a reality. Volkswagen Poznan received a legally binding construction permit. This is a chance for economic development in the region.

On 06/10/2014 Wrzesnia Staroste decided that a decision to grant a permit concerning the construction a new Volkswagen plant in sub-Wrzesnia Bialezyce is final. The plant will be constructed within the Wrzesnia Economic Activities Zone, which is incorporated into the „Invest-Park” Walbrzych Special Economic Zone. The future plant terrain covers 220 hectares. Starting from 2016, the new plant will manufacture a new generation of Volkswagen Crafter.

For over 10 years, Volkswagen Poznan has manufactured the VW Caddy urban delivery vehicle and Transporter T5. The new plant in Wrzesnia will be composed of a Body Shop, Paint Shop, and Assembly Room.

Jens Ocksen, the President of the Volkswagen Poznan Management Board said: "The granting of the construction permit constitutes another step in achieving our goal, which is the new VW plant in Wrzesnia. Within 1.5 years we should launch manufacturing in the Plant.”

“Construction of a new automotive plant is also a chance for Polish suppliers because the representatives of Volkswagen place great emphasis on acquiring local, Polish suppliers. Currently, approx. 40% of parts used directly in production and delivered to the Volkswagen Poznan plant come from Polish suppliers”, added Jens Ocksen. The percentage of parts used indirectly in production and delivered from Polish enterprises is even higher and totals 80%.