Volkswagen Caddy “The Best Commercial Vehicle of 2016”

18 December 2016

The readers of prestigious and opinion-forming German magazine Handelsblatt selected Volkswagen Caddy as the best compact delivery van for persons pursuing own business activity (self-employed), craftsmen, experts in a given line of trade, as well as a perfect car for young families.

The following criteria, among others, were taken into account: effective motor operation, effectiveness of gear-box, applied active and passive safety systems, as well as driving comfort and the overall costs of long-term car use.

Prizes were awarded in different categories – from small urban cars, through delivery vans, up to electric vehicles. Selection of the best vehicles in the respective categories took place basing on the results of online survey, available from 17.08 to 30.09.2016. More than 1200 readers of the magazine Handelsblatt took part in this survey.

Volkswagen Caddy was also awarded previously, among others, with the distinction of “Green Van” and “Van of the Year 2016”.

Volkswagen Caddy has been continuously produced since 2003 in Poznań Volkswagen plant. This is the only production plant in the concern Volkswagen AG, where this best-selling van is produced. The latest IV generation of VW Caddy has been produced in Poznań since last year.

Warm welcome of the new Volkswagen Caddy among the clients and automotive experts all over the world contributed to good results of the Brand Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. In the period from January to October this year the brand recorded more than  9% growth in sales, delivering more than  390.900 vehicles to the clients all over the world. The sales of Volkswagen Caddy amounted to 131 500 vehicles in this period, which translates to 15% growth, as compared to the analogical period last year.