Volkswagen Caddy delivery van of 2015 in Poland

15 January 2016

Journalists from automotive media in Poland connected with the commercial vehicles sector have chosen the best delivery van of 2015. The highest score among 5 models subjected to special tests and measurements was obtained by the new Volkswagen Caddy.

At the end of last year, the competition was entered by 5 of the most popular small vans equipped according to the preferences of users of this type of vehicle in Poland. The jury, which consisted of journalists from industry media - CiężarówkiSamochody SpecjalnePolski and - conducted road tests and specialised measurements made under identical conditions, and then chose the best delivery van to have debuted on the Polish market in 2015. Under the rules of the competition, a winner is chosen from among cars of the same class. The overall assessment of a vehicle covered such features as cockpit, load compartment, engine, drive train, performance, day-to-day functionality, and safety. In each category, a car could obtain a maximum of 10 points. The total number of points was reduced by a coefficient which accounted for average fuel consumption during the road tests.
The winner proved to be the new Volkswagen Caddy 1,6 TDI, which earned a total of 43.7 points, knocking out the Citroen Berlingo, Fiat Doblo, Renault Kangoo and Dacia Dokker. The jurors gave the Caddy’s cockpit, drive train, performance and functionality the highest ratings.
The new Volkswagen Caddy is the fourth generation of the Volkswagen delivery van produced in Poznań. The model is among the most popular small commercial vehicles in the world. More than 11 million Caddies have been sold. The latest version had its market debut in mid-2015. In Poland, the Caddy is the best-selling Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles model. Last year, 2,951 Caddies were registered, 2% more than in 2014.
The latest version of Volkswagen’s small delivery van features economical TSI and TDI engines with from 84 to 150 HP. The car can be equipped with either a manual gearbox or a DSG automatic transmission. Customers can also opt for a Caddy with 4MOTION four-wheel drive.
The car is also available in a Maxi version with an extended wheelbase. For especially demanding customers, Volkswagen has prepared special versions - the Generation Four and the Beach. Net prices of the new Volkswagen Caddy start from 53,800 zlotys (panel van) and 56,500 zlotys (private wagon).
The new Caddy is the second Volkswagen van to boast the title of Delivery Van of the Year in Poland, since in 2013 the competition was won by the VW Transporter.