They found “X”!

30 August 2016

We already know who the winners are of the competition “Find X in your VIN” organized on the occasion of production of the 2 500 000th  car in the history of Volkswagen Poznań. The competition was addressed at the owners of cars produced in Poznań in the years 2003-2016.

The competition consisted in sending of photos of the vehicles produced in Poznań in the years 2003- 2016 and description of the story of their use. Owners of vehicles could participate in the competition with “X” on the seventh place from the end in their VIN, which indicates to the place of production of a vehicle – namely, Volkswagen Poznań Plant. VIN in a unique and individual vehicle identification number, obligatory for each vehicle. Apart from the place of production, it also specifies, among others, its manufacturer and year of production, or the version of installed motor.

"Sent applications show, that our vehicles are extremely versatile – on weekdays they are used for work, and at weekends they are ideal companions of weekend family trips,  both closer, and further ones. What makes us very happy is the huge trust and satisfaction of the clients derived from reliability of our products "– says Monika Hajbowicz, Communication Department Manager at Volkswagen Poznań.

This is confirmed by the words of Łukasz Zenker, one of the competition winners. Łukasz has been the owner of a “Caddylac” with motor 1.9 TDI (this is how he names his VW Caddy) for 8 years. Presently, his parents drive it every day, and before that, it was used in the family trading company. “Caddy is like a member of our family – it was with us in Croatia, visited Polish sea and mountains a number of times. It also visited the capital city and the region of Silesia. In one word – it travelled a lot. We appreciate Caddy for its reliability, outstanding versatility and universality, low fuel consumption and impossibly low maintenance costs  throughout these 8 years together. A great car – a member of our family!” – wrote Łukasz Zenker in his application.

Sometimes Volkswagen Caddy becomes something more than a family member – it becomes … a house on wheels. The car from 2013 is used by Arkadiusz  Hajduk every day for running his own business, and in his free time, it turns into a house on wheels. After opening the tailgate, you can see a bed with a thick mattress, and a cooker and a fridge beneath it. “Many persons, especially on camping sites, are surprised how I can find so much space in this car. I am very proud to hear that, since I made the outfit myself. The idea was simple. Small interference in the car, fast conversion into the car for travelling out of town, as well as placing a box with bed frame and full independence from utilities – reserve of water, gas and electric current (second battery) for a few days of stay in the bosom of nature.” – says Arkadiusz Hajduk, winner of the competition.

The winners will receive double invitations to the ceremonial gala of opening the new plant of Volkswagen Crafter in Białężyce near Września in October this year, a set of gadgets and a  possibility to visit the Antoninek plant with a group of friends. The additional attraction will be a ride in the limousine – the only one in the world Volkswagen Caddy Strech, in which we will take the winners for a visit. We would like to congratulate the winners most cordially.