The Official Inauguration of the School Year 2014/2015 at Volkswagen Poznan

20 September 2014

The event will be attended by Jens Ocksen, the President of the Volkswagen Poznan Management Board, Jolanta Musielak, the Human Resources Board Member and Szymon Trzebiatowski, the Finance and Organization Board Member. The official guests will include for example: the Voivode of Wielkopolska - Piotr Florek, Marshal of Wielkopolska -  Marek Woźniak, Mayor of Poznan -  Ryszard Grobelny, Member of Parliament in the Polish Sejm -  Bożena Szydłowska and Tadeusz Dziuba, Poznan Staroste - Jan Grabkowski, Wrzesnia Staroste - Dionizy Jaśniewicz, Mayor of Swarzedz - Anna Tomicka, Mayor of Wrzesnia - Tomasz Kałużny. The event will be also attended by Przemysław Jankiewicz - Principal of the School Complex No. 1 in Swarzedz and teaching staff.

Vocational studies in the School Complex No. 1 in Swarzedz, implemented in cooperation with VW Poznan since 2005, cover such professions as: mechatronics technician, car electro-mechanic, industrial automation and precision equipment mechanic, foundry machines and equipment operator.  

All classes of vocational studies are attended by 264 students; there are 84 first grade students.

The agenda of the event includes for example: 

  • provision of employment contracts to this year graduates employed by Volkswagen Poznan,
  • the culmination point will be an official opening of the "School of Founders" training students in the profession of: foundry machines and equipment operator.


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