The Handball Academy has been launched

28 October 2013

Despite the overall decrease in physical activity among children, there are many pupils in Wielkopolska who engage in sports willingly. It is proven by the high level of participation in the Handball Academy of Volkswagen Poznan and the fact that several dozen young players have just inaugurated their next season within the Academy. Graduates of the Academy join youth sports clubs.

Recent statistics by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism show that nearly every fifth primary school pupil is exempt from physical education classes. The number of young people exempt from physical education classes increases with age. Therefore, it is important to undertake initiatives aimed at encouraging young people to spend their leisure time in an active way. Proper preparation of classes enhances pupils to practice sports, improves their physical condition and decreases a number of health problems resulting from poor exercise habits.

- “Young children like physical activities so the role of coaches is to do everything they can to instil their pupils with a love for sports and not to discourage them”- says Stanisław Igel, the coach of the second-league club AZS AWF Volkswagen Poznan and co-organizer of the project.

Trainings within the Handball Academy are based on fun and development of skills without the pressure of performance - elements important when working with young athletes. Trainings are addressed to all children, despite their physical condition. Another factor playing an important role in the project is parental involvement that fosters motivation among young players.

- “Parental involvement is necessary if parents want their child to continue practicing sports”explains Karolina Peda, the coordinator and coach in the Handball Academy. – Our players our great and their parents wish to be actively engaged in the sporting achievements of their children. We are gradually becoming a family of sport lovers and we hope that in the future our children will continue to spend their leisure time in an active way”.

Among the Academy graduates there are many young people who decided to continue their adventure with sports. Pupils who graduated from primary school in June will join Poznan and Swarzedz youth handball clubs for the first time. We are going to keep our fingers crossed for further development of young athletes so that they give much strength to senior teams in the future.

The Handball Academy Programme is realised by Volkswagen Poznan and the Women’s Handball Section of AZS AWF Poznan and it is addressed to pupils from grades 4 – 6 of primary schools in Poznan and Swarzedz. Trainings are free of charge and their goal is to encourage children to continue playing handball after the tournament. More information on the Academy at