The 20th anniversary concert and 3D show

10 September 2013

The amazing 3D multimedia show organized for the residents of Poznan, a charity concert by Ray Wilson in the Great Theatre in Poznan, and charity auctions are only a few attractions prepared on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Volkswagen Poznan. The anniversary of Volkswagen Poznan constitutes a great opportunity to support the Foundation Assisting Children with Cancer.

During a charity concert that will take place this Monday, September 2, at 8 p.m., Ray Wilson - a vocalist of the legendary group Genesis, will perform with the Symphonic Orchestra. After the concert, at 10 p.m., Poznan residents gathered in front of the Great Theatre in Poznan will have an opportunity to see 3D multimedia show titled "People. Plant. City. 20 years of common history".

- “We are a part of the City and its Region and for 20 years we have been creating its history” - says Michael Kleiss, the President of Volkswagen Poznan Management Board. – “We wanted all residents of Poznan to be able to join these celebrations”.

The key element of the Volkswagen Poznan anniversary will be the said concert of Ray Wilson that is well integrated with an idea of „1+1=3” programme realised by Volkswagen Poznan employees. Since 2009 every VP employee has had a chance to join the initiative by, for example, transferring 1 PLN every month to a jointly selected charity. A seemingly small contribution, according to the motto "Together we can do more" and thanks to the engagement of 75% (over 5200) employees, constitutes significant help. So far the contributions have amounted to over 170,000 PLN.

- “In relation to the 20th anniversary of Volkswagen Poznan we decided that this year's fundraising will be conducted on a much bigger scale” - explains Jolanta Musielak, the Human Resources Board Member of Volkswagen Poznan and encourages everyone to participate in the charity auction organized by the Foundation Assisting Children with Cancer on The fundraising will remain open in the period of time between the concert and until September 20. Collected funds will be used to purchase advanced medical equipment for Karol Jonscher Clinical Hospital of Medical University in Poznan.

Goods put up for auction include various items provided by the Foundation’s friends and Volkswagen Poznan partners. Such items include, among others: orchestral score by J.P. Kaczmarek from the Oscar-winning film “Finding Neverland”, flight over Poznan or a possibility to become the President of VW Poznan for one day, replica of a 1932 Olympic bronze medal won in Los Angeles by Jan Krenz-Mikołajczyk, photographs taken by Małgorzata Niemen, and a guitar from Ray Wilson autographed by the artist. The musician is well known in Poznan. As soon as he moved to the capital of Wielkopolska he started a foundation assisting young artists and persons threatened by social exclusion. He has been currently supporting the „1+1=3” programme. Several days ago the musician visited Volkswagen Poznan employees to whom he will dedicate one of his compositions played during the concert.
- “I think that life cannot be based solely on taking. It is important to find balance between taking and giving. And it is really not important how much money you have or whether you are rich or poor. Everyone owes something. And it is always possible to pay our debts” - says Ray Wilson who decided to put up for auction an instrument used by him during concerts and radio recordings. This year marks the 20th anniversary of his artistic career.
The Foundation Assisting Children with Cancer was founded in 1982 at the initiative of parents whose children were cancer patients of Oncology, Haematology, and Paediatric Transplants Clinic of Medical University, located at ul. Szpitalna in Poznan. For 21 years the foundation has been supporting great numbers of children and their parents.
- “We would not exist without the help of thousands of people who provide us with financial support and such actions as „1+1=3” conducted by Volkswagen Poznan employees who once again decided to help us” - admits Maria Witak, the President of the Foundation Assisting Children with Cancer. – “Funds collected as a result of the current activities will be used, for example, to purchase advanced medical equipment for a hospital as well as medicines and prostheses for children and to organize workshops or trips. A part of this year's contributions were used to finance life-saving procedures for a 5-year old girl. On the other hand the funds raised during the 1st edition of „1+1=3” action were used to purchase elevators for an outpatient clinic and a hostel.
The residents of Poznan who will join the initiative of Volkswagen Poznan will be able to celebrate the anniversary of Volkswagen Poznan and, more importantly, support a noble purpose and prove that "Together we can do more".