Stefan Schostok, the Mayor of Hanover visits Volkswagen factory in Poznań

28 June 2016

Today, Stefan Schostok, the Mayor of Hanover, visited Volkswagen factory in Poznań. Together with the Management Board, the Mayor visited plant in Antoninek, which manufactures Caddy and Transporter models and held talks with the Board of Volkswagen Poznań and its employees. During the visit, the Mayor discussed many issues, including cooperation with the city of Poznań, the progress of construction works on the new factory in Września, educational programs of vocational training managed by the company and the development plans for the plant. Jens Ocksen, the President of the Board of Volkswagen Poznań, pointed out the importance of cooperation with Hanover: "Poznań and Hanover are twin cities and you can see it even in our good relations. The headquarter of VW Commercial Vehicles is located in Hanover and our personnel often travels between the two cities. In this way, we create professional and private relations, which contributes to good communication".

Currently, Volkswagen Poznań consists of three production plants located in Poznań and Swarzędz and the fourth plant being constructed in Białężyce near  Września. For more than 20 years, Volkswagen Factory of Commercial Vehicles in Poznań has been a part of Wielkopolska industrial landscape. Today, the company is a leader among local employers. The company is also the largest employer in the region. Currently, it employs 8 thousand people, and this number will increase to 10 thousand after the plant in Września starts its operation. Volkswagen Poznań is also a company that values highly the sustainable development, partner relations with the neighbourhood and environmental responsibility.

The new factory in Września is located 40 kilometres east of Poznań and it benefits from the close location of Volkswagen Poznań Factory in Antoninek in terms of production, logistics, suppliers, and, above all, the experience of the staff.

The future area of Crafter factory covers 220 hectares, which is equal to the surface area of 300 football fields. With full production capacity, the factory will employ 3000 people. Additionally, the surrounding areas of the factory are interesting for Polish and foreign suppliers, who will further increase the employment in the region. Currently, the process of building new production halls for the factory and the associated infrastructure is almost completed - the first Volkswagen Crafter vehicles will leave the factory this autumn.