Setting Sail on Lake Swarzedz

20 June 2014

The organizer of the project was the Wielkopolska Regional Yachting Association and Swarzedz Sports and Recreation Centre. The regatta, which was of a typical recreational nature, took place on Omega class yachts provided by the organizers. These were the first competitions held on the waterbody. The ceremonial regatta start was performed by: Swarzedz Town and Municipality Mayor Anna Tomicka, Volkswagen Poznan Communications Department Head Monika Hajbowicz and President of the Wielkopolska Regional Yachting Association Maciej Olszewski.

For several years Volkswagen Poznan in cooperation with the Swarzedz Municipal and District Council has been conducting intensive actions to revitalize Lake Swarzedz. One of the main elements of the strategy to restore the lake for residents is the pulverizing aerator running in it. It provides constant oxygen for the lake, which rids the lake of harmful chemicals.


„The reclamation activities at Lake Swarzedz conducted for the past three years and in that time the waterbody’s water quality has significantly improved. This is confirmed by the results of water quality tests. The activities are conducted in many ways, municipal services work in parallel to eliminate the illegal draining of sewage into the lake” – explained Marcin Młodziński from the Swarzedz Municipal and District Council.


Reasons for taking part in the Sunday regatta were explained by Monika Hajbowicz, the Head of Communications at Volkswagen Poznan: „As a socially responsible company and good neighbour, we get involved in many events aimed at Swarzedz residents and the Poznan districts of Wilda and Antoninek. For many years along with the Town and Municipality Office in Swarzedz we have done a lot to improve Lake Swarzedz for district residents. The activities undertaken are to make, in the relatively short period of time, the lake a place of water rest and relaxation. Sunday’s regatta is the next step in that direction”.

Already in the vicinity of these place are, among others: marinas, bike and walking trails, botanical paths, wireless Internet access, and the Wielkopolska section of the pilgrimage route to the Spanish Santiago de Compostela trail. In recent days opened near the lake was a professional Skatepark.

The regatta, though purely recreational, was in full accordance with ISAF international regulations (2013-2016 edition). First place went to Maciej Gałęzewski.

Contact: Piotr Danielewicz


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