Road Safety Tournament

15 April 2014

Held on 15 April was the 37th District Road Safety Tournament targeted at primary and middle school students. Patronage over the final was assumed by the Mayor of Poznan and the Commander of the Poznan Municipal Police.

The aim of the tournament was to raise public culture and promote the improvement of the state of road safety, including the safety of school children and youth. The organizers were the Polish Motor Union, Polish Police Headquarters, National Road Safety Council, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of National Education, Vovoideship Traffic Centres, Automobile Transport Institute, and local Wielkopolska Automobile Club.

The children and youth that took part in the Tournament could demonstrate their knowledge of road safety regulations and rules, and in administering first aid.

The competition portion, which took place in a primary school in Kostrzyn Wielkopolska,  included the administering first aid. In the accident scene, in which middle schoolers had to work as a three person team, checked were their ability to secure a scene, check the condition of two victims and notify help, and care for the comfort of the victims. – It is clear that the teams invested a lot of preparation work and their level is extremely high. This is good, because everyone can encounter a situation when they will have to help an injured person – said Przemysław Piotrowski from the Polish Motor Union.

All the teams also had to take a written test on road regulations – not an easy task, when the committee included, among others, the President of the Wielkopolska Automobile Club – Mr. Robert Werle.

The „bicycle” competition, which was held on specially prepared grounds at the Primary School, was quite a challenge. Riders had to deal with a maze of intersections, roundabouts, and obstacles placed in their way. The judges for this competition were police from the Traffic Department in Poznan. – The levels are very diverse – there were competitors who are handling it very well, and there are those who need to practice some more before the go out on a real road – said one of the organizers.

The winners of the Road Safety Tournament: a Primary School from Jeziorek and a Middle School from Strykowa in a month’s time will go to Kłodzko for the Voivodeship Road Safety Final. Held after that on 28 April will be the District Automotive Tournament (for Poznan and Poznan District) for high schools. Patronage over the final has been assumed by the Poznan Staroste – Mr. Jan Grabkowski.