Record year for Volkswagen Poznań

20 March 2019

  • With the results of 267 thousand cars produced, Volkswagen Poznań has become a leader among the car manufacturers in Poland
  • The 25% increase in production of cars with special conversions
  • 2019 - starting the serial production of VW Grand California model conversion

Volkswagen Poznań Sp z o.o. Company achieved the best result in its history. In comparison to 2017 the production of cars increased by 12% and totalled 266.819 last year. The production lines of the plant in Poznań were left by 161.035 VW Caddy models and 29.880 VW Transporter T6 models. In Września 66.889 VW Crafters and 9.015 MAN TGEs were produced.

After 25 years of presence in Poland, for the first time in its history the Company is the market leader in Poland. “Such a good volume - 1170 cars per day - is a result of multi-million investments, including the production of VW Crafter as well as the involvement and determination of all our employees. The achievements of the special conversion department also contributed to this result”, said Jens Ocksen, President of the Board of Volkswagen Poznań Sp. z o.o.

For the plants of "Customized Solution" Volkswagen Poznań the last year was a very successful year. The production of special conversions exceeded 75.000, which is an increase by more than 25% in comparison to the year 2017. The challenge for this year is to start the serial production of VW Grand California tourist conversion model with planned annual production volume of 3.500 cars.

In turn, the Volkswagen Poznań foundry closed the year 2018 with a result of 4 million 424 thousand produced components - cylinder heads and steering transmission housings. In the Autumn this year the Volkswagen Poznań foundry will start the serial production of transmission housing for MEB modular platform for electrical vehicles. This is the first component of the portfolio of the Poznań foundry to be used in electric VW ID models, and its production in the Poznań plant will be neutral in terms of CO₂ emissions. Starting from 2019, the foundry joined the Volkswagen Poznań plants supplied in 100% with electricity from renewable energy sources.

Volkswagen Poznań is the biggest employer in Wielkopolska, providing jobs for 11.000 people. Since the beginning of its activity, Volkswagen Poznań has invested around 10 billion Euro in their plants. In May this year the construction of logistics hall in Antoninek will be completed. At the same time the existing welding hall construction is in progress. Equipping the new welding hall with newest robots and devices is designed to improve the level of automation of this production area from 40% to over 75%. Dietmar Mnich, Director of the plant in Poznań, said: “The investments that we currently realize are an important step toward enhancing the international competitiveness of the plant in Poznań and the preparation of the factory for the production of the new generation models.”

Volkswagen Poznań cooperates with 112 Polish suppliers, including 17 located in Wielkopolska and 15 in the VW Supplier Park in Swarzędz and Września. “Today more than 40% of parts directly delivered to our factories come from the Polish suppliers” - added President Ocksen. “In turn, the percentage of share of Polish companies in the volume of indirectly-production parts is even higher and is until 80%.” Volkswagen Poznań - the biggest car manufacturer in Poland Volkswagen Poznań is the biggest car manufacturer in Poland. 2018 was a record year in the history of the Company. The production lines were left by 266.819 cars. The company is also the biggest employer in Wielkopolska, employing more than 11.000 people in 4 production plants. In Poznań there is a foundry and a plant that produces VW Caddy and VW Transporter models. In Swarzędz the production offices, the supplier’s park and the complex of special structures are available. The factory in Września produces VW Crafter and MAN TGE models as well as special conversions based on Crafter and MAN models.