Record 2013 Volkswagen Poznan’s Special Vehicle Body Plant.

15 March 2014

2013 will remain in the memories of the entire Special Vehicle Body Plant team at Volkswagen Poznan for a long time. Above all it was a record production year. The Special Vehicle Body Plant rolled off 36,000 special vehicles. The trend towards product individualisation did not lose momentum despite the difficult years in the automotive industry. And it was orders from individual clients in the amount of almost 17,000 vehicles was the driving force for the Special Vehicle Body Plant.

The dominant car in this group has a black roof. Speaking of course about the Caddy Edition 30.

An equally strong position in our production plan was held by T5 pickups, 6000 of which were built, and almost 4000 natural gas powered cars. Our largest fleet customers also „adapted” to this high level – Germany Railways, German Army, Germany Post Office, and Kompania Piwowarska, which together ordered a total of over 2000 vehicles.

This was also a record year for the number of vehicles built by us in a single month. This month for us was April, when we rolled 3751 special vehicles from our hall. We beat the best achievement from the previous year by over 300 vehicles. Monthly production for 2/3 of the year has not dropped below 3000 vehicles.