Reconstructions in Zieliniec close to completion.

20 October 2018

  • After lasting nearly 16 months construction works within the communication area in Zieliniec, one of the key stages of this investment was completed.
  • On 15.10 traffic lights at the intersection of Warszawska and Sośnicka streets has been implemented and completed.

Katarzyna Nowojewska, head of planning and environmental protection, said: “Completion of this intersection is one of the most important steps of the investment. The acceptance procedure is in progress and streets are open for traffic in Zieliniec.”

Volkswagen Poznań invested 18.7 million PLN in the reconstruction of streets in Zieliniec. The reconstruction is carried out by

Volkswagen Poznań Sp. z o.o. in the framework of a participative agreement concluded with the City of Poznań on 1 July 2014, and the changes in the traffic layout are a result of a 4-year neighbour discussions and the public consultations related to opening Smołdzinowska street for traffic and its use as the internal road to the factory. Outside the reconstruction and renovation of 2 km of roads, pavements and bicycle paths, energy, gas, sewage and telecommunications networks were also rebuilt. Storm water drainage, street lighting and traffic lights, monitoring and new green areas were also completed.

Dietmar Mnich, the Director of Volkswagen Poznań in Antoninek, said: “Reconstruction of the road layout within Zieliniec residential area is an investment that is critical for the further development of the factory.  It was a big organizational challenge for us as the substitute investor and for Municipal Road Authority (ZDM) as the executive company. During the design and executive works we have encountered many difficulties and collisions between the existing underground infrastructure and the investment, which directly delayed the construction works.  We are aware of the burden of street construction in a living district. At this point I would like to thank our neighbours for their patience and understanding and apologize for any inconvenience they encountered during the construction works.

As a result of the reconstruction the Company was obliged to compensating planting. On 25 October employees of the factory in Antoninek together with Zespół Lasów Poznańskich (Tree Complex in Poznań) will plant 22 small-leaved limes.

Dietmar Mnich said: “During the meetings with residents were given multiple signals on the issues of planting trees in the residential area of Zieliniec. The completion of the communication layout has necessitated cutting a specified quantity of trees, which will be compensated. It was not easy to find a place where we could plant new trees - you cannot plant them in the vicinity of a road or in places where good the visibility is required. Therefore we asked for assistance and contacted Zespół Lasów Poznańskich with the request to indicate the best possible location. The cooperation with such a partner as Zespół Lasów Poznańskich gives us confidence about the care and maintenance of the seedlings.”

Reconstruction in figures:

- the investment included 6 streets with the intersection of Sośnicka/Warszawska streets along the national road No. 92

- repairs and construction including 2.2 km of street and pavements

- 1 upgraded level crossing

- the value of the participative agreement - 18.7 million PLN. The financial resources which are not used for the reconstruction of streets will be transferred to the budget of the City of Poznań in order to further improve the infrastructure at the Zieliniec area.