Receipt of KAMS Certificate

20 November 2013

After much preparation we received the KAMS Certificate.

After a one-week audit consisting in discussions and inspection of different areas the company received the KAMS Certificate.

The audit confirmed that apart from specifying procedures that create the KAMS system we managed to implement processes declared in these procedures.

Particular consideration was given to 3 elements of OHS procedures that were defined in the "Good Practice" programme: - KAMS campaign relating to occupational safety – OHS Competition – Incident Analysis.

KAMS – or Group-wide Occupational Safety System (Konzern Arbeitsschutz Management System). Occupational Safety System or KAMS is aimed at the permanent increase in efficiency and effectiveness of OHS. The aim implementation is performed by indicating tasks and establishing harmonized group standards, systematic organization and consistent application of OHS rules, realization of OHS tasks on all levels of hierarchy and consideration of OHS at every production stage as well as avoidance of any distortions. KAMS is addressed to all Volkswagen Poznan employees. The system concerns every plant in Poznan and Swarzedz. Receipt of the KAMS Certificate is integrated with the Volkswagen MACH18 strategy.