Race car in Antoninek - a debut

10 July 2016

A completely new design, changed wheel size, aerodynamic set, weight reduction - these are just some of the technical details of the racing car prepared for Formula Student by students of Poznań University of Technology. The car had its world premiere in Poznań, in the factory of Volkswagen Poznań in Antoninek. The racing car was aptly named "WILDA" to indicate the place of its origin. In a few days, Wilda will be tested on Formula 1 racing tracks in Germany, Italy and Hungary. Volkswagen Poznań has been supporting the project from the very beginning.

We think that the concept of students from Poznań University of Technology is intriguing and interesting - said Jens Ocksen, CEO of Volkswagen Poznań. - We are pleased to participate in this ambitious project and observe its technical progress and experience gained in its implementation.

According to its designers, the car constructed this year is a completely different machine as compared to last year's model. Based on their own research, tests and experiments,  the students created a vehicle that instead of a standard steel frame has a monocoque made of aluminum and carbon composites. They applied an aerodynamic package and reduced the size of wheels from 13 to 10 inches. In addition, in their 'Wilda' model they installed a dry sump, which provides the engine with the required amount of oil, even during very high overloads.

The weight of the racing car was also reduced by approx. 50 kg comparing to the last design. The new car weighs only 210kg! The new project involved 35 people - young engineers with a passion.

- I am really impressed by the passion and commitment of the young people gathered in the design group - said Jolanta Musielak, HR Member of the Board of Volkswagen Poznań. - It makes me even happier knowing that some of them already work for Volkswagen Poznań and use their practical knowledge in our design office.

As early as on July 22, the students will take their racing car to Italy, where it will compete on Riccardo Paletti circuit with 80 teams from around the world.In August, the vehicle will be tested on the most famous Formula 1 circuits - Hockenheimring in Germany and Gyor in Hungary.

In the general classification, the PUT MOTORSPORT team is on the 154th position out of 600 registered teams from around the world. Volkswagen Poznań is the main partner of this project.