Quality according to Volkswagen Poznań

10 November 2016

Already for the fifth time in Poznań, following the invitation of Volkswagen Poznań, a meeting will be held of approximately three hundred automotive suppliers, the companies that produce car components – the main players in the Polish automotive market. For two days they will discuss, among others, quality in the process of car production, and of the product itself, as well as the clients’ expectations.

Direct contact with our suppliers is very important for us – stresses Jens Ocksen, President of Volkswagen Poznań. – Our annual meetings in Poznań are a perfect occasion for sharing knowledge, listening to opinions, and building positive relations with our business partners. 

Volkswagen Poznań relies on development of home suppliers, thus creating new jobs.  – Every work position in car production gives three – four jobs at the direct and indirect suppliers - says Jens Ocksen. At present, approximately 40 percent of turnover of parts for direct production, that is the ones that can be found in a finished car, are generated by the Polish suppliers. In total, Volkswagen Poznań plants cooperate on a regular basis with almost one thousand suppliers from all over the world.

Participation in the conference in Poznań was confirmed  by members of management of Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, as well as the representatives of companies of the concern, such as Sitech, MAN and Volkswagen Group Polska. Record number of 300 participants will take part in this-year’s edition of the conference on quality.

For two days the guests will take part in workshops, lectures and discussions concerning quality of produced parts and cooperation. The current level of production of vehicles places Poland on the third place in the region, after the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This results from substantially lower volume of motor-car production, whereas in terms of production of commercial vehicles Poland remains the unquestionable leader.