President Bronisław Komorowski in Wrzesnia

08 April 2014

The President’s meeting with Wielkopolska local authorities concerned, among others: Wrzesnia Economic Activities Zone (WEAZ), which was established during negotiations with representatives of the automotive group. The area the WEAZ covers was incorporated into the „Invest-Park” Walbrzych Special Economic Zone.

Appearing at the city hall were, among others, Marshall of Wielkopolska Marek Wozniak, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Janusz Piechocinski, Wrzesnia Staroste Dionizy Jaśniewicz, and Volkswagen Poznan Management. The meeting was hosted by Wrzesnia Administrator Tomasz Kaluszny.

The decision, that brings the major undertaking to Wrzesnia shows that Poland should do much to avoid the trap of resignation from industry development, because it is industry that can ensure a better future for our country – said Bronislaw Komorowski. Already this Autumn, when construction begins, we will enjoy the walls of the rising plants and effects of their functioning. This investment will bring benefits to the economies of Poland, Germany, and other European economies and local communities – continued the President.

Present at the meeting was Deputy Premier and Minister of Economy, Janusz Piechociński, who added that this investment significantly increases the potential of Wielkopolska and the national economy.

The new plant in Wrzesnia will go up beside the VW Poznan, the other production centre for the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand in Poland. The urban delivery vehicle VW Caddy has been produced in Poznan for 10 years.

„Regardless if it’s the Caddy, Transporter T5, or in the future the Crafter from Wrzesnia – commercial vehicles „manufactured by Volkswagen in Poland” is a historic success, which we will continue along with today’s decision on building our new plant” – said at the time the location of the new plant was announced Jens Ocksen (53), previously Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Board Member for Production and Logistics, which will be responsible for realization of the Crafter project.

Company representatives emphasized that while manufacturing the Caddy in Poland they gained vast experience. Thanks to this the plant in Wrzesnia will in every aspect take advantage of its close proximity to the Poznan plant. According to company authorities, Wrzesnia offers an optimal framework conditions from the point of view of economy, infrastructure, and labour market.

Along with construction of the new plant at least 2300 new jobs will be created.The future plant terrain covers 220 hectares, and will be composed of a vehicle body manufacturing, painting, and assembly departments. Construction is planned to begin at the end of 2014. Manufacturing is to begin during the fourth quarter of 2016.


Volkswagen Poznan Sp. z o.o. (Limited)

Volkswagen Poznan located in Poznan, Wielkopolska Voivodeship. The plant was opened in 1993 as a Joint Venture between Volkswagen SA and the Poznan „Tarpan” plant. In 1996 Volkswagen Poznan was assumed 100% by Volkswagen SA, and a year later merged into the structure of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand. The total area of the plant, comprised of three areas, is 739 000m², of which 90% of the area is occupied by production halls and buildings. At the end of 2013, employment at VW Poznan amounted to 6500 people. Last year 170,900 light commercial vehicles were produced here.

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