Polish suppliers believe in quality

15 October 2013

Over 300 participants took part in the 2nd National Quality Conference of the Automotive Sector Suppliers organized by Volkswagen Poznan in collaboration with Volkswagen Group companies and automotive industry business partners. Among the participants were representatives of enterprises from Wielkopolska and from other regions of Poland as well as visitors from other countries.

The participants of the National Quality Conference of the Automotive Sector Suppliers who visited MTP last Thursday, October 10, were invited to take part in workshops on delivery processes and lectures conducted by industry professionals.

- “The main goal of the conference is to increase quality awareness among the companies constituting chain of supply in the Polish automotive industry” - says Michael Kleiss, the President of Volkswagen Poznan. – “We also wanted the participants to catch up on the latest developments in the industry that can be implemented in their delivery processes”.
The most popular attraction at the conference were classes held in "Lego Line" room that provided the participants with an opportunity to see a production line simulation constituting an example of delivery management. The workshops participants had to build a car within a set time limit. Many conference participants visited a room with the so called "Ishikawa Diagrams" that are used to illustrate cause-and-effect links. They help us notice the complexity of a particular problem and that is why they prove to be useful in planning and organizing delivery processes. Such issues as environmental protection constituted important elements of the conference as exemplified by the "Think Blue. Factory" project carried out by Volkswagen.

- We assume that this year's conference, just like the previous one, will positively affect the cooperation between the automotive industry entities. It is very important as it determines the strength of the Polish automotive industry - adds Michael Kleiss.

The event was co-organized by: Volkswagen Poznan, Volkswagen Group Poland, Volkswagen Motor Poland, MAN Bus Sp. z o.o. and Sitech Sp. z o.o. Guests were current business partners of the company as well as representatives of newly-opened plants that will soon provide parts for new projects. Guests from other countries were also present. The conference was opened by Uwe Harnack - the Head of Group Supplier Quality Assurance, Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg. The event took place on the grounds of MTP but the conference participants had an opportunity to visit a highly modern plant of Volkswagen Poznan in Antoninek.
Volkswagen Poznan Sp. z o.o.
Volkswagen Poznan is a 100% daughter company of Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge (Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles). Volkswagen Poznan is the third plant in the world, right after the factory in German Hanover and Argentinian Pacheco, manufacturing light commercial vehicles of this make.
2013 is of special importance for us because it marks the twentieth anniversary of our operations. It was the time of hard work and great moments. The company's history is inextricably linked with the fate of its employees and its premises. Therefore, our anniversary's motto is: “People. Plant. City. 20 Years of Common History”.