Next edition of Volkswagen Poznan Mini Handball is about to start

15 October 2012

The inauguration ceremony of the 4th edition of Volkswagen Poznan Mini Handball programme will take place on November 8 in Primary School No. 5 located in the Wilda district. Let us remind you that the programme is addressed to 11 primary schools located in the vicinity of Volkswagen Poznan production plants.

The programme aims at promoting sports as a passion and as an interesting way of spending one’s free time. The programme allows children to develop their skills and passion for handball. Participants of the first stage of the tournament (the so called Cup) are teams consisting of 15 third-grade primary schools pupils that play matches within defined districts (Wilda, Antoninek, Swadzedz). After one year of matches followed by the Grand Finale, young handball players can attend free of charge trainings conducted by female players of AZS AWF Volkswagen Poznan.

The offer is addressed also to fourth-grade and fifth-grade pupils who can play league matches in male or female teams within the framework of Wielkopolska Championships organized by the Wielkopolska Handball Association. The third stage of the programme starts after graduation from primary schools. Boys can continue their adventure with handball in existing sports clubs and girls can join the handball section trained by AZS AWF Volkswagen Poznan. The most talented players have a chance to play in a professional league team AZS AWF Volkswagen Poznan.

This year, to address expectations, Volkswagen Poznan decided to support schools engaged in the project. For this purpose, the company created Volkswagen Poznan Sports Fund aimed at promoting sport at schools. Under the Fund, each school engaged in the Mini Handball programme has a chance to receive financial support of up to 3,000 PLN. Money received from the Fund can be used in many different ways - purchase of sports equipment, additional hours for physical education teachers or improvement of sports infrastructure - depending on the needs of a given facility. A common denominator for all the activities is promotion of physical activity among the youngest children and provision of conditions necessary for this to happen.