New Transporters for the police

10 December 2016

At the beginning of December Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, following the order of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań, in public procurement procedure, delivered to the Police the fleet of 100 Transporters T6 with motor 2.0 TSI 150 HP. The cars were produced and adopted to a patrol version in the Volkswagen Poznań plant. The fourth generation Transporters, used continuously by the Police forces since 1990s are still in service in various police headquarters all over Poland.

As a vehicle used for adjustment into a patrol version the model Transporter T6 was used, with wheel base of 3000 mm and allowable total weight of  3,2 tons. For the purposes of adaptation into a patrol version, the vehicles are equipped with a car body divided into 3 compartments, which allows 5 policemen and 2 persons detained to travel in separate compartments.

All the Transporters used for operation by the police forces  are driven with the motor 2.0 TSI 150 HP, meeting the emission standard Euro6. Petrol drive units work better then Diesel motors in patrol vehicles, since they are often started and drive on small distances, mostly in urban traffic.

The Police decided to select Transporter also due to the compact dimensions of the model T6 – its length of 5 m and width of 1,9 m, which is perfect for urban traffic.