New Transporter T6 also from Poland

10 April 2015

Volkswagen has presented the latest generation of the best-selling Transporter to the world. Since the beginning of production of the first-generation T model, over the course of 65 years 12 million cars of that series were sold. Since 2003, various versions of the Transporter have been manufactured at the Volkswagen factory in Poznań. The latest generation of the bestselling T model will be produced in the Volkswagen plants in Hanover and in Poznań. On Friday, 17 April, the last T5 Transporter left the Poznań plant assembly line, while on Monday, 20 April, the first T6 Transporter should be ready.

The Volkswagen concern has unveiled the latest version of the cult T model. For almost 65 years, successive generations of the car have found 12 million customers around the world. The latest generation of the bestselling T model will be produced in the Volkswagen plants in Hanover and in Poznań. Since 2003, the Poznań plant has produced more than 280,000 of this bestselling model. The last T5 Transporter was left the plant today, that is on 17 April, while on Monday the first of the new-generation Transporters is to be ready.

“For us, the year 2015 is marked by the introduction of new generations of models we’ve produced in the past. At the beginning of February in Poznań there was the world premiere of the fourth-generation Volkswagen Caddy. Now it’s time to show the world the latest version of the iconic T model. Today, the last of the T5 Transporters will leave the factory, and already on Monday the first sixth-generation Transporters should be rolling out of the assembly hall. The new Transporter has all the assets it needs to repeat the success of its forebears,” said Jens Ocksen, President of the Management Board of Volkswagen Poznań and Member of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles management.

Volkswagen Poznań invested more than 38 million euros to prepare the factory to produce the new VW Caddy 4 and VW Transporter T6 models. This year, over 12,000 new Transporters are scheduled to leave the Poznań factory.

As in the past, series T cars are offered in three basic versions – as a commercial vehicle (a panel van, with a double cabin, and a wagon), as a spacious passenger limousine for business or private use (Multivan and Caravelle), and as a recreational vehicle (California). Those models can be adapted to specific needs by choosing from among two different wheelbases and three different body heights. When you add to this a rich assortment of engines, the car is available in more than 500 varieties.

Volkswagen Poznań currently employs more than 7,000 workers in three production plants (with a fourth under construction in Września in which as many as 3,000 people will be put to work), making it the largest employer in Greater Poland. Here the company manufactures various versions of the VW Caddy, VW Caddy Maxi, VW Transporter, subassemblies and special bodies. The Poznań factory is the only one in the world in which the VW Caddy and VW Caddy Maxi models are produced. Last year, the company manufactured 175,000 cars and performed 3.3 million castings. After startup of production in Września, Volkswagen Poznań will employ a total of almost 11,000 people, and will produce about 280,000 cars per year.