New Management Board Structure at Volkswagen Poznan

10 May 2014

The role of CEO will be fulfilled by Jens Ocksen, who already held this role during 2007-2010. He will also be directly responsible for the implementation of the „Crafter” project and will remain on the VW Commercial Vehicles Brands Boards.

The Human Resources Board Member will continue to be Jolanta Musielak, and Finance and Organization Board Member Szymon Trzebiatowski will remain in his role. Along with Jens Ocksen they will create a three-person Volkswagen Poznan Management Team.

The existing President of VW Poznan, Michael Kleiß, will lead the construction process for the new plant near Wrzesnia. Ownership for Plant No. 1 in Antoninek, where the VW Caddy is built, is entrusted to Dietmar Mnich, who previously served as the Plant Head in Hanover.

The company’s  new organizational structure will enable the efficient conducting of investments in Wrzesnia and stabilize the development of remaining, existing company plants.

„The years I spent in Poznan I remember very fondly and I am happy with my return. Before us is a huge challenge but I am confident that we will be able to face up to it. I very much value the skills and commitment of the Poznan plant teams, who I had the opportunity to get to know a few years ago. Construction of the new Crafter plant is currently that largest project Volkswagen AG Group are implementing in the world” – said Jens Ocksen, the new CEO of Volkswagen Poznan.



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