National Quality Conference of the Automotive Sector Suppliers

15 October 2012

The Conference was organized by Volkswagen Poznan, Volkswagen Motor Poland, and Sitech Polkowice. It aims at strengthening direct relations, communication and cooperation with suppliers.

After Germany and China, Poland ranks third in the number of Volkswagen Group plants in the world. Apart from Volkswagen and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, such makes as Sitech, MAN, and Scania also have their production plants here.
The automotive industry in Poland employs approx. 165,000 workers. From 700 Polish suppliers as many as 300 are certified by Volkswagen Group and 134 are permanent suppliers what increases the quality of Polish manufacturers and competitiveness of their offers.
The Conference organized by Volkswagen Poznan, Volkswagen Motor Poland, and Sitech Polkowice has become a platform for exchange of experiences and an opportunity to strengthen mutual relations and improve communication. All issues important from the point of view of a regional supplier were discussed but, more importantly, the conference participants focused on raising quality awareness significant for product development processes in Volkswagen Group companies. These initiatives improve plant-supplier relations. Higher quality of delivered components increases competitiveness of Polish suppliers, allows them to attract new customers and receive new orders and finally, create new workplaces. Development of local suppliers follows Volkswagen Group philosophy.

Volkswagen Poznan is a car manufacturer that is part of VW Commercial Vehicles. As many as 41% of the company’s automotive suppliers are based in Poland, with sixty eight from Wielkopolska. In 2011 the total turnover of the plant, solely in the automotive industry, totalled 1.9 billion EUR.