Journalists’ award for responsibility

22 November 2013

Our plant won the journalists’ award in the “Corporate Responsibility Champion” popularity poll for the Mini Handball Cup programme.

Several dozen companies from Wielkopolska were submitted to the second edition of the „Corporate Responsibility Champion” popularity poll targeted at promoting socially responsible undertakings realised by Wielkopolska companies. On Wednesday, November 27, at the official gala, statuettes were given to this year’s winners. Among guests invited to the gala were all representatives of companies participating in the popularity poll.
Statuettes and distinctions were given in three categories: micro and small, medium, and large enterprises. Internet users and readers of the Głos Wielkopolski newspaper also voted for their favourites. This year the journalists' award was granted for the first time.

The Committee of Journalists, comprising representatives of the regional media: press, radio and TV, considered proposed initiatives with regard to: innovative activities, media potential, influence on the positive image of entrepreneurship and social benefits.

The award-winning initiative „Volkswagen Poznan Mini Handball” – is a complex handball learning programme addressed to children from the neighbourhood, involving inter-school games, handball academy, sports fund used to equip schools, additional activities and other forms of sports promotion as well as meetings of parents and sport psychologists.

The 2nd edition of the popularity poll was organized as a part of the „Business Champion” Project co-financed from European Union funds under the European Social Fund by: the Union of Employees of Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Great Poland Chamber of Commerce and Industry and PISOP Centre. Honorary patronage of the project was taken by the Marshall of Wielkopolska, Mr. Marek Woźniak.