It’s Time For „We’re Learning Handball at Preschool”!

05 May 2014

What is handball? How does one get a goal in hand ball? Who is Sławomir Szmal? For the average young child answering these questions is certainly difficult. But not for everyone. The little ones that will participate in the next edition of the „We’re Learning Handball at Preschool” programme will not only learn the correct answers, but will get to try their hand at a range of activities based on handball elements.

Starting is another edition of the „We’re Learning Handball at Preschool” action, organized by AZS AWF Volkswagen Poznan. In this year’s series of events about 200 children from four Poznan preschools will take part. The sponsor of the initiative is Volkswagen Poznan.

„The event’s history dates back to October 2010. That’s when the idea to play with younger children and show what is possibly a new sports discipline to them, which is handball. It soon turned out that the project was received with great enthusiasm, and today it is difficult to imagine it on our events calendar.” – said Karolina Peda, Manager of AZS AWF Volkswagen Poznan. For the second year in a row the action sponsor is Volkswagen Poznan, with whom we cooperate on a daily basis at the Handball Academy, that is the handball school for primary school children. We hope to see some of these kids in a few years at our trainings.” – added Peda.

„We’re Learning Handball at Preschool” fits perfectly with the idea of promoting a healthy lifestyle and promoting handball among the young. The Poznan players want to show the importance of instilling a passion for sports from an early age. And this cannot be done better than providing the kids with lots of happiness and guaranteeing good fun. After each meeting the pre-schoolers usually in the same breath mention what they liked most: „I like the shots most! And I liked to stand in goal! And I liked everything!” The event brings lots of joy not only to the kids, but also the players – who lead the games and fun. „I always eagerly look forward to this action. We like the honesty and spontaneity of the children, with whom the fun provides great satisfaction.” – say the Poznan students.

 This year’s event schedule:

.: 6 May (Tuesday)

.: 13 May (Tuesday)

.: 20 May (Tuesday)

.: 22 May (Thursday)

Duration: 10:00 - 11:30

Place: POSiR Sports Hall, ul. Chwiałkowskiego 36 ("Chwiałka", Hall B)