Inauguration of Academic Year in Volkswagen Poznań!

15 October 2016

Yesterday on the area of the plant in Antoninek the ceremonial Inauguration of the Academic Year  2016/2017 took place. During this-year ceremony we awarded the prizes in the all-Poland competition Be The Best, we welcomed new persons among the students of Dual Studies and we handed over the certificates to apprentices on the occasion of joining of the Ambassador’s Program.

Among the invited guests there were the authorities of Poznań University of Technology and University of Economy, with the Honorable Rector Tomasz Łodygowski and the Honorable Rector Maciej Żukowski.

This year, the contracts to guarantee education in the scope of Dual Studies, were received from Ms. Jolanta Musielak – Human Resources and Organizational Affairs Board Member by 9 new students. At present, the 4th edition of studies was launched, and from the 1st edition, already completed, 100% participants received job proposals in VWP.

From among 60 apprentices who performed their summer internship with us, we selected more than 20, who assumed the role of Ambassadors of Volkswagen Poznań in 8 higher education institutions  – in Poland and abroad. During the ceremony Marcin Jankowski – Personal Director of the Crafter Plant, handed over the certificates to 9 representatives of the program.

The aim of the competition Be The Best was to allow the students to work on real subjects from the life of the concern Volkswagen. This is a perfect opportunity for them to use in practice their theoretical knowledge, obtained in the course of their study. 26 teams from 7 higher education institutions from all over Poland applied for participation in this-year edition. 9 winners were awarded for innovative approach, as well as for practical and possible to implement projects on 3 subjects. The winners were awarded with financial prizes in the amount of PLN 20.000 and the half-year internship in VWP.

This event was also an occasion for overview of students’ projects supported last year by Volkswagen Poznań. The students of Poznań University of Technology, who implemented the project PUT Motorsport, presented a racing car constructed by them, with which they race in Formula Student competition. The equally innovative project was presented by Sylwester Szymański – a vehicle for one person, whose elements were printed in 3D technology, driven with a screwdriver only.

The already traditional ceremony allowed us to sum up the so-far achievements in cooperation with higher education institutions and define new needs in our cooperation.