How to become a Volkswagen supplier.

02 July 2014

The representatives of the company presented the process of new supplier acquisition and general frameworks of cooperation. What is important is that Volkswagen provides cooperation opportunities not only for large enterprises but also for smaller companies.

"Every day the plant has strong demand for parts used directly and indirectly in production. The first group includes all elements necessary for proper functioning of the plant, for example machines, chemicals, work clothing, office supplies.  Parts directly used in production are all parts and elements which are installed in vehicles. Of course there is also demand for a range of other services: catering, repairing and ICT. - says Łukasz Galus from the Volkswagen Poznan Purchasing Department. "Such a diversification of necessary supplies and their scope provides cooperation opportunities even for the smallest company." - he adds.

Entrepreneurs asked the Volkswagen representatives about the requirements they need to meet in order to become a Volkswagen supplier, what suppliers the plant seeks, and what is the course of a purchasing process. 

 "I hope that we managed to encourage local entrepreneurs to contact us. Currently, approx. 40% of parts used directly in production and delivered to the Volkswagen Poznan plant come from Polish suppliers. The percentage of parts used indirectly in production and delivered from Polish enterprises is even higher and totals 80%. In relation to the construction of the new Crafter plant we would like to continue acquiring local, Polish suppliers. Each supplier - whether or not from Poland - should meet specified quality requirements. Why do we seek suppliers in our country? The answer is simple - using the services of Polish manufacturers helps us to reduce transport costs and increase revenue of those manufacturers as well as create new workplaces. What is also important is that we have a positive influence on the development of Polish suppliers and, in consequence, on the whole economy". - said Monika Hajbowicz, the Head of the Communications Department of Volkswagen Poznan, when giving reasons behind the meeting.

The Mayor of Wrzesnia, Tomasz Kałużny was very happy after the meeting -"Attendance during the meeting exceeded our expectations.  I am happy that so many local entrepreneurs gathered in the Session Hall. This proves that they are not afraid to compete with other companies. I am sure that many of them will benefit from the construction of the new Volkswagen plant".

The first step in becoming a Volkswagen's supplier is to register a company using the suppliers platform available at