Healthy employee, healthy company

10 October 2016

Volkswagen Poznań Sp. z o. o. won the main prize in the competition organized by the association of employers of Poland Pracodawcy RP with a motto “Healthy Employee, Healthy Company” in the category Large Enterprise.

Prizes were awarded in the scope of the First Congress of Health of the Employers of Poland on 29-30 September 2016 in the Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw. On behalf of the Management Board of the Company, the prize was received from the Jury  by the Health Manager, Dorota Niedbalska, M.D. The organizers stressed that the distinction was received by the company for its strategic and comprehensive approach to protection of health of employees, improvement of their comfort of life and work, and for actions encouraging parallel behaviors between work and private life.

The main purpose of this competition is distinguishing of companies, institutions, organizations, that in their operation, in the scope exceeding the obligations specified for employers by legal acts, take care of health of their employees, create conditions for their employees to take care of their health, undertake actions encouraging employees to healthy life style, assign ear-marked funds for all kinds of pro-health actions among employees.