Find "X" in your VIN

20 July 2016

To celebrate the 2.5 millionth vehicle, Volkswagen Poznań announced competition "Find X in your VIN", which is addressed to owners of vehicles produced in Poznań in the period 2003 - 2016.

"VIN is a unique vehicle identification number of each vehicle. It indicates important data, including the manufacturer, place and year of manufacture. Vehicles manufactured in Poznań in the years 2003-2016, have "X" as the seventh digit from the end of VIN and this was an inspiration for the name of the contest ".  – explained Monika Hajbowicz, Head of Communications in Volkswagen Poznań. 

To participate in the competition, you should send photos of your car, provided that it was manufactured in Poznań in the years 2003-2016 and describe the history of its use, including interesting events from its operational life. The descriptive part should contain additional information on the place and circumstances of taking the photo. "Automotive means emotions. I am convinced that users of our vehicles have many memories related to the use of their cars. We want to hear their stories and award the best ones" – added Monika Hajbowicz.

Volkswagen Poznań will reward 4 winners. Each of the winners will receive a set of prizes that includes: a double invitation for the opening gala of the new factory of Volkswagen Crafter in Białężyce near Września (planned for October this year), the opportunity to visit the factory in Antoninek with a small group of friends, a set of gadgets and a drive around the factory premises in the world's only Volkswagen Caddy Strech limousine.

Winners will be selected by 20 August this year.