Extraordinary cars on an ordinary parking lot of Volkswagen Poznan

26 April 2013

On Sunday, April 14, at a Volkswagen Poznan parking area gathered the participants of the 1st VAG Performance Squad Rally, which brings together lovers of tuned Volkswagen cars. Let us remind you that tuning consists of different kinds of modifications (of such components as, for example, the engine, drive system and chassis), which are destined to increase the power of a car in order to improve its acceleration parameters and maximum speed performance. Tuning includes all aesthetic alterations that add a personal touch to a car and emphasize the unique personality of its owner. The organizers of the meeting were VAG Squad club members and OM Independent Self-governing Trade Union "Solidarity" of Volkswagen Poznan. The Volkswagen Poznan plant of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand also contributed to the organization of the event by allowing guests and organizers to use its parking area. Guests had an opportunity to see over 250 cars manufactured by different brands of VW Group, for example: Volkswagen, Skoda, and Seat. The cars' owners were proud to show their cars. This is hardly surprising though as it is obvious that none of the cars were treated indifferently. The event was complemented by great weather that brought out the best in all the cars. Car models ranged from classical, almost legendary ones, such as Transporter T1 to newer, modern VW models. The cars were also modified in different ways - some modifications were minor stylistic changes and other with a car's mechanisms and driving characteristics. Organizers prepared some competitions, typical for this kind of events: Car Audio, Best Interior, Best Wheels, and Best Car. "I hope that success of and interest in the 1st Rally will contribute to continuation of the event in the future. The Rally should be placed on every Volkswagen enthusiasts’ calendar." - says one of the organizers, Dariusz Bryłkowski, when concluding the event.