„Deutsch-Wagen-Tour” Project

01 February 2012

Deutsch-Wagen-Tour is a project by the Goethe-Institut in Warsaw. The project partners are: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany together with the Embassy of Germany in Warsaw, the German Academic Exchange Service and the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Honorary patronage over the project has been taken by the Ministry of National Education.
The main project sponsor is Volkswagen Poznan Sp. z o.o. (Limited).

The goal of the "Deutsch-Wagen-Tour" is to promote study of the German language in Poland. For the project Volkswagen Poznan, as the main sponsor, provides Goethe-Institut instructors five specially allocated for this purpose and marked new VW Caddy vehicles.


As part of the "Deutsch-Wagen-Tour", the vehicles with the project’s logo on them visit schools, preschools, educational centres and universities all over Poland. Professionally trained instructors lead classroom lessons, co-organize open days, participate in language projects, and take part in meetings with parents. Through language games, play, competitions, and animations the instructors encourage learning the German language and culture of our western neighbour. The idea is for the visits by the Deutsch-Wagen-Tour instructors become a source of inspiration for teachers and contribute to an increase in motivation to learn foreign languages ​​among students.
The "Deutsch-Wagen-Tour" project is targeted at young school children, parents, teachers, school principals, students, and those responsible for education.

The fixed parking points are the cities of Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lublin and Olsztyn, from where the instructions teachers also depart to other locations around the country and reach even the most remote corners.
Instructors have access to non-conventional teaching aids, as well as multimedia and information materials. The instructors can be invited to visit educational institutions, participate in consultations with teachers and parents, during which they will gladly inform about the project and benefits of German language knowledge.
The vehicle route and places they have reached can be tracked on the project’s Web site www.deutsch-wagen-tour.pl.
The project will continue for a period of three years.

As part of the implementation of the tasks related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), Volkswagen Poznan supports, among others, pro-education activities. From 2012, Volkswagen Poznan is the Main Sponsor of the Deutsch-Wagen-Tour project.
The signed cooperation agreement provides the Goethe-Institut with five VW Caddy vehicles (cars remain the property of VW Poznan) for the period from 01/01/2012 to 31/12/2014. Vehicles have comprehensive, third-party, and accident insurance cover through the territory of Poland.

Volkswagen Poznan is a 100% subsidiary of the Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge (Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles) brand. In addition to the plants in Hanover, Germany, and Pacheco, Argentina it is the third plant in the world that manufactures the light commercial vehicles of this brand.