Design made in Poznan

04 February 2012

Can a plant create design? For 15 years the VWP foundry has been associated with the city. Poznan inspires employees, and employees inspire the city. The exhibition „City Code” organized by Poznan City Hall and Concordia Design presents the design of two European cities – Poznan and Berlin.

Two exhibitions, two cities – Poznan, Berlin. „City Code” and „ID Berline | Industrial Design Competence” – are exhibitions to promote design in the two metropolitan cities, which will be held during 6-15 March at Concordia Design in Poznan. The event is organized by the City of Poznan and Concordia Design. The exhibitions are part of a fourth edition series during DESIGN 2012 at the MTP. A vernissage will be held on 6 March at 18:00.


„City Code” is the title of the exhibition, the idea of which is to show the creative potential of Poznan through profiles of the best designers and brands associated with the city that base their strategies on design as well as young designers enjoying their first successes. Design is understood here to be the design of products, services, transportation, architecture, public spaces, graphic design, fashion, as well as a process in management. The name of the exhibition –refers to the DNA code – set of unique features, information, distinctive system, while on the other hand a postal code that uniquely identifies a place.

Volkswagen Poznan for years has co-created a unique atmosphere in Poznan. Also, our vehicles and foundries - not produced anywhere else in the world, give the city a unique flair. The "City Code" exhibition will present our Foundry - present our 1.0 MPI cylinder head and APA steering gear housing.

All are welcome to this remarkable exhibition and we especially encourage you to visit the Poznan Brand Consortium exhibition, where you admire the Volkswagen Poznan Foundry exhibits.

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Vernissage: 6/03/2012, 18.00

Date/Times: 6-15/03/2012, 10-18

Location: Concordia Design, Poznan, ul. Zwierzyniecka 3


Source: Poznan Brands Consortium / Concordia Design