Children and fish from Swarzedz should not be silent

30 October 2013

Today, almost 400 kg of pikes will be released into Lake Swarzedz in order to stimulate the clean-up process and restore the environmental balance of its waters. The action is called bio-manipulation and has already been carried out before. It is monitored by scientists from Poznan University of Life Sciences. In the future the lake is intended to be restored for public use by local residents and tourists.

Restocking is a part of a long-term recovery process of Lake Swarzedz conducted by the Town and Municipality Office in Swarzedz with collaboration of Volkswagen Poznan. Local residents, especially one of the youngest groups, have been also engaged in the recovery process. Some fish will be released into the lake by pupils of Primary School No. 1 in Swarzedz. The school has already started preparing for that event.

“The event offers our pupils direct contact with nature” - says the Principal of Primary School No. 1, Elżbieta Nawrocka. – “Core curriculum implies that in the third grade pupils should actively participate in the environmental protection activities concerning their neighbourhood and restocking allows them to apply this idea in practice”.

Why pike? These predators reduce population of herbivorous fish (roaches, crucians, and breams). It will prevent microscopic plant organisms from depleting and thus, in a longer perspective, improve the lake aeration. The aerator installed in the lake by the Town of Swarzedz and VW Poznan two years ago also improves aeration.

According to Prof. Stanisław Posiadłowski from Poznan University of Life Sciences, who developed and has been supervising the entire regeneration process of Lake Swarzedz, all the measures taken enhance flora and fauna of the lake. – “Such enhancement is possible thanks to a wind driven pulverizing aerator that intensely aerates the overlying waters of the lake and has a beneficial impact on such substances and chemical compounds as phosphorus and hydrogen sulphide”.

Wednesday's restocking is not the first project implemented in order to recover Lake Swarzedz. What is very important in this project is the public-private cooperation between local government units and Volkswagen Poznan that are engaged in pro-environmental initiatives not only in Swarzedz but also in Antoninek and Wilda district.

- “We would like to actively participate in pro-environmental initiatives conducted in our neighbourhood” - says Monika Hajbowicz, the Head of Communications at Volkswagen Poznan. – “These actions constitute an important element of the company's sustainable development strategy but they also increase ecological awareness of the residents of Poznan area. It is best shown by their engagement in the "Blue Grants" project and Wednesday's event”.

Benefits of pro-environmental initiatives carried out within the lake area are reflected in the results of the research. – “Rehabilitation of Lake Swarzedz has been carried out for two years and during this period we have observed a significant improvement in the quality of its waters. It is confirmed by the results of water quality analysis. Actions are multidirectional, the municipal services work together in order to reduce the discharge of untreated wastewater into the lake”. - explains Marcin Młodzinski from the Town and Municipality Office in Swarzedz.

There are further plans regarding rehabilitation of Lake Swarzedz and its nearby areas that aims at making them friendlier for local community and tourists. So far the lake is surrounded by such attractions as marina, cycle routes, walking paths, nature trail and the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Another attraction - skate park for all lovers of in-line skates, skateboards, and BMX bikes is planned to be constructed next year.