Blue Grants awarded for the third time

20 October 2014

We met the winners of the 3rd edition of the „Blue Grants” programme. Under the programme, the most creative residents of Wielkopolska received grants for implementation of ecological projects with a total value of 24,000 PLN and a VW Caddy to use free-of-charge for a period of one year. This year's edition was dominated by projects related to the role and importance of bees in our lives.

Blue Grants

The "Blue Grants" Competition aims at the preparation and realization of activities having a form of a project, programme or installation in order to raise awareness concerning environmental protection, shape ecological attitudes and awareness of the community, and promote active ecological education in Wielkopolska. The programme has already had three editions. The "Blue Grants" programme was initiated by Volkswagen Poznan in cooperation with Our Earth Foundation in 2012. Thanks to the support of the Volkswagen Poznan plant it was possible to implement projects with a total value of 55,000 PLN during the previous editions.

Bees dominated the programme

This year, the majority of applications regarded the role and importance of bees in our lives. It was best reflected by the results of the 3rd edition. Three out of five winning projects dealt with these beneficial insects. An example of such a project is the one called "A Better World For Bees". Under the project, pupils from the Primary School in Sokolniki will build a unique hotel for bees.

Another interesting project belongs to Primary School No. 21. It provides a plan to change a sad-looking, concrete square into a green oasis, thus constituting a perfect place to carry out educational classes.

Another winner of the competition is the Primary School in Chwalibogowo, which prepared a project named "Eco Tube". Their innovative approach to active ecological education and an idea on how to share the acquired knowledge with others made a big contribution towards success.

The results of the 3rd edition are the most pleasing for the representatives and patients of the Polish Association for Persons with Mental Handicap in Poznan - "Friends" Occupational Therapy Workshops. Their project called "Save the Bees" was co-financed with the amount of 6000 PLN and the persons responsible for the project were provided with free-of-charge use of a VW Caddy for a period of one year.

Why "Blue Grants"?

Volkswagen associates ecology with the blue colour and promotes it through the “Think Blue” idea. Volkswagen Poznan takes responsibility for environmental protection. Apart from activities aimed at minimizing the company’s impact on the environment, Volkswagen undertakes numerous initiatives that increase ecological awareness among its employees and local community. Creation of the “Blue Grants” programme constitutes another part of a social commitment strategy realised by the company. Results and attendance at the competition (27 applications received) proves that there are many heads full of ecological ideas in Wielkopolska.  The level of the 3rd edition of Blue grants set the bar high for future participants. The winning projects are full of interesting ideas - says Monika Hajbowicz from Volkswagen Poznan.  -  I am sure that we chose applications that will make a real and positive impact on shaping pro-ecological attitudes.

The winners of the 3rd edition of the „Blue Grants” programme

  • Primary School No. 21 in Poznan - project "We Are The Eco Fans!"
  • Primary School in Chwalibogowo - project "Eco Tube"
  • Primary School in Sokolniki - project "A Better World For Bees"
  • The Polish Association for Persons with Mental Handicap in Poznan - "Friends" Occupational Therapy Workshops  - project "Save The Bees"

Progress of the projects' implementation can be tracked via